MechSys is a programming library for the implementation of simulation tools in mechanics. Its source code is mainly written in C++ with easier to use templates for further customization.

Potential applications include, for instance, solid mechanics and the dynamics of granular materials using the discrete element method, and both computational fluid dynamics and computational electromagnetics using the lattice Boltzmann method. For problems involving large deformations, a smooth particle hydrodynamics is also programmed to simulate fluids and soils at the continuum scale.

Discrete Element Method (DEM)

The Discrete Element Method is a powerful simulation scheme for soil, solid and fracture mechanics. Its fundamentals are simple, the body of study is divided in elements (could represent the individual grains in soils or pieces of solid in rocks) and Newton's laws are solve numerically to obtain their behaviour in time. Its popularity has grown in time since it reproduce naturally the elasto-plastic behaviour of soils and rocks and has many applications both in academy and industry. Mechsys DEM solver has the capability to deal with particles of general shape.

Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM)

The Lattice Boltzmann Method was created to numerically solved the Boltzmann equation coming from statistical mechanics. It was shown that under some conditions it can also solve the Navier Stokes equations. Furthermore, it has proven to be a general Partial Differential Equation (PDE) solver. Mechsys has the traditional Navier Stokes solver module (LBM), a solver for Maxwell equations of electromagnetism (EMLBM) and the set of advection diffusion equations (ADLBM). As a novelty, Mechsys also couples DEM with LBM to have a powerful tool to simulate problems involving fluid and solid interaction.

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

The Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics method was initially developed to solve Navier Stokes equations for fluids in situations involving large deformations and free surfaces. Later improvements have shown that SPH is also suitable to solve the constitutive equations of solids and soils. In Mechsys, SPH is coupled with DEM to produce simulation tools for problems such as debris flows and avalanches.


Mechsys development has been sponsored by the University of Queensland, the Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Grant DP140100490 Qualitative and quantitative modelling of hydraulic fracturing of brittle materials) and the Advance Queensland Fellowship program (Grant AQ-15188 Pushing the boundaries of current numerical geotechnical modelling capabilities )


Some animations produced by MechSys' simulations are shown below. Additional animations can be found in Sergio Torres' Youtube channel for simulations created from Mechsys.

LBM Simulations

An imbibition-drainage simulation within a porous medium

A cavitation simulation where a fluid forms a liquid bubble

DEM Simulations

A triaxial test with general shaped particles

A brazilian test to determine the tensile strength of rocks

DEM+LBM Simulations

A DEM dolphin spinning and diving into an LBM pool

A simulation of the airblast hazard in block caving sites, the colormap represents the airspeed

EMLBM Simulations

A cross section area of a dipole antenna, both the electric (parallel to the plane) and the magnetic (perpendicular to the plane) fields are shown

An electric pulse (the electric field vector is going out from the screen) propagates between two media of different dielectric permittivity changing its speed and wavelength

SPH+DEM Simulations

A soil landslide simulated with SPH where the buildings are rigid structures represented by DEM particles

A debris flow simulation where the large boulders are represented by DEM and the mud with SPH

Featured publications

This is a selected list of scientific articles where Mechsys has been used.

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