Mechsys Tutorials

The tutorials can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded and uncompressed there will be some files with the following descriptions:

CMakeList.txt:Includes the name of the cpp scripts for cmake to prepare the Makefile linking the Mechsys library with the simulation scripts. If new tests are added, they should be listed here.
UseMECHSYS.cmake:Is the cmake module looking for the location of mechsys and the relevant libraries. Experienced cmake users could take advantage of advanced features. Beginners should not need to modify it.
test_dynamics.cpp:The DEM collision of two polyhedra.
test_mesh.cpp:An example showing how a polyhedron can be imported into the DEM engine from a JSON mesh file.
test.msh:The mesh file, containing the information on vertices, faces and edges, necessary for the test_mesh example.
test_cylinder.cpp:Flow in 2D around a cylinder with variable Reynolds numbers.
test_cavitation.cpp:Cavitation simulation in a multi-phase LBM.
test_spherefluid.cpp:A simulation showing the DEM-LBM coupling by calculation the drag coefficient of an sphere inside a wind tunnel.
test_input.inp:The input file for the above simulation showing how to properly plan parametric studies with Mechsys.
test_poiseuille.cpp: Simple fluid parabollic flow simulation introducing the key concepts behind SPH modelling.
test_debris.cpp: A second SPH example showing a more complex simulation involving water, soil and DEM particles.

Once unpacked, the user should enter the folder, run 'ccmake .' then press 'c' twice and then 'g' and once cmake closes just run 'make' in the command prompt. Please follow the links for each tutorial.