Mechanical Systems: Computing library for simulations in continuum and discrete mechanics

MechSys is a programming library for the implementation of simulation tools in mechanics. Its source code is mainly written in C++ with parts in Python and Go (under development).

Potential applications include, for instance, solid mechanics using the finite element method, mechanics of granular materials using the discrete element method, and computational fluid dynamics using the lattice Boltzmann method.

See: References below for papers produced with MechSys.

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The Discrete Element Method in MechSys can handle particles of many different shapes.

MechSys can be used to develop simulation tools for continuum mechanical systems as well as for systems based on the concept of discrete/molecular dynamics.

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This library includes (among others):


The following list presents some Conference and Journal papers that have employed MechSys for calculations.

Acknowledgement of these papers is highly appreciated especially if you use MechSys in your work.

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Copyright of the papers rests with a variety of different parties. They are made available solely on the same basis that the researcher would supply a single copy of a paper to an individual. It is up to you to ensure that your use of a paper does not infringe copyright law.


Some animations produced by MechSys' simulations are shown below. Additional animations can be found in the MechSysLib YouTube channel or in Sergio Torres' Youtube channel for simulations created from the DEM and the LBM modules.

LBM Simulations

DEM Simulations

DEM+LBM Simulations

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